Spot Light - Night Surfing Light

Regular price $149.99

Installing surfing lights can be a daunting and expensive task. Purchasing lights for both sides, drilling holes and running wires to switches. If you are someone with the skill set to manage this, kudos to you. For the rest of us there is the SuckGate Spot Light! We tested numerous lights to make sure that we got the best light we could find and kept the price reasonable for those purchasing. The suction cup feature allows you to only need to buy one light instead of two, as you can easily swap it over in seconds. As long as you have 5.5 inches any spot is good for the Spot light, even suctioning it to your favorite wakesurf board on the back of your boat!

Spot Light Features

- 50,000 hr High Lumen LED Light
- 13 ft wire plugs into any lighter outlet
- IP67 Waterproof
- Industrial Suction Cup
- Can be mounted on the side or back of the boat
- Optional mount for a leash if you are hanging it off the side of the boat

We look forward to seeing your amazing night surfing videos!