New FLOATING model!!! Making sure your Wake does not SUCK!!!



When the boat moves through the water, the water is pushed under and around the boat. The water will eventually come together directly behind the center of the boat. The water coming up below the boat will rise vertically with the prop wash and create a "V" pattern wake. The SuckGate displaces the water coming around the side of the boat so the water from both sides does not come together. This creates an unbalanced wake. The water coming up below will rise with more force creating the "Curl" and "Push" that allows you to Wakesurf! Prices are in USD and Free Shipping in Canada and US.


  • Industrial Suction Cups

    These suction cups have a very strong holding power and attach/remove in seconds. Tested up to speeds in the high 20's MPH!

  • Marine Grade Materials

    Our UV protected plastic and stainless steel screws are built for strength and durability in the water.

  • Universal Product

    Compatible with most inboard boats and works on both sides of the boat.

  • Compact Design

    Lightweight and small form make it easy to install and store.

Buy FLOATING!!! SuckGate



Where do you ship from and how long?

I live on the US/Canada boarder so I am able to ship easily to both countries. If you live in US I ship from Washington, if you live in Canada I ship from BC. Shipping is 2-3 days. If you need faster shipping please contact me.

How do I install the SuckGate?

The SuckGate is installed using industrial strength suctions cups. Install the SuckGate on the opposite side of the boat from the surfer. Position the SuckGate on a relatively flat or curved surface below the waterline. It is best to weight your boat first, so you know where the water line is and what is the best spot for the SuckGate.

Does it float?

Our new 2018 model FLOATS!!!!

How much weight should I put in my boat?

Weight the boat evenly left to right, there is no need to put more weight on either side with the SuckGate. More weight in the back will make the wake taller and shorter, more weight in the front will make it lower and longer. Most people do a 70%/30% or 60%/40% weight split in the back and front.

What Speed should I go

The more weight in the boat the faster you will need to go to get the wave you are looking for. Start with 10.5 mph and see how it looks. Slower speed will make the wake taller, faster speed will make it longer. Each boat is different as it depends on the hull shape/length and weight in the boat.

What is the Warranty and Refund Policy

SUCKGATE includes a two year manufacturer warranty starting from the original purchanse date against defects in manufacturing or materials on all new SUCKGATE's. The warranty is only applied to SUCKGATE's that have been purchased from an authorized SUCKGATE dealer. If a product is found defective by SUCKGATE, we will be responsible to provide a replacement of the defective component. SUCKGATE WAKESURF is not responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of use or loss of the product. This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is nontransferable. Exclusions include loss, damages, or breakage due to: • Use at excessive speeds beyond what is recommended in the product documentation. • Normal use or as a result of an accident or impact with an obstruction such as, but not limited to, a dock, boat lift or another boat. • Extended exposure to sun/heat/high temperatures. • Intentional breakage • Normal wear. If you purchased the SUCKGATE and are not happy with it within 15 days it may be returned at the buyers expense for a full refund.

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